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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Nate Whitmyer

Kati is 37 years old and from Zeeland, Michigan. She is an awesome special education teacher, an amazing wife, a loving mother of three children, and a faithful godly woman. Kati had her first seizure in April of 2013. Shortly after that she was referred to Henry Ford Hospital where she was diagnosed with a Grade 2 Astrocytoma brain tumor. Due to the location the tumor could not be removed. However, Kati had to undergo an awake craniotomy to have a biopsy taken of the tumor. Following recovery from the surgery Kati went throught six rounds of chemo and 30 days of radiation. She was amazingly brave and faithful through all of this. She vowed to Shine On! no matter what, and to trust Gods plan for her without question. There where plenty of hard times, including dealing with infection, pic lines, not having a piece of your skull, wearing a helmet all the time, derma close devices, the pain, pain meds for the pain which have there own side effects and seven additional surgeries on her head. Through all of this she has Shined On. She has been an great example for her children and an inspiration for her husband, family and friends. In times of great suffering and pain she would still be thinking of others and how she could help them and thank them. She continues to show Gods love, grace and kindness even when she doesn’t feel the best. She is amazing! So amazing that she is planning on returning to teaching this fall after two years on long term disability. Nothing will keep her from helping others. The tumor is still there, but it has not changed in two years. Praise God! And with the help of the wonderful staff at Henry Ford we pray that it will never get any bigger. I am pretty confident when I say that no matter what that tumor does, Kati will continue to Shine On and win the fight. We love you Kati. Love, Nate, Abbigail, Lincoln, Avett and the rest of your family and friends.