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Keeping the Faith

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Submitted by:
Addison Darr

My mother, Katie Darr, had a seizure on April 24, 2015. She was diagnosed with Glioblastoma Multiforme and had surgery on May 1. She has had radiation and chemotherapy. She had a second seizure this year on March 8 and surgery on March 10. Everything in her life and all our lives has changed. We have all learned how precious our time together is. My mother has always had a wonderful sense of humor. Everyone who knows her says her wonderful amusing wit keeps them laughing and in good spirits. She always loves to talk to people and no one is a stranger to my mom.My mother has always taken time to do her hair and beautiful makeup. Even while fighting this dumb cancer my mom has never missed a single morning to put on her beautiful face and do her gorgeous hair. She has the heart and spirit of a fighting warrior. Cancer is trying to take my mom, but we wont let it win!!!! No one could possibly have more faith than my mother! And … We, her family, have FAITH that she will win this battle.