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Keeping the Faith



Submitted by:
Allison Pfeffer

My dad, Ron Pfeffer, is the living embodiment of “Keeping the Faith.”
Since his diagnosis in November 2022, he has been the rock of our family,
reminding us often of his faith, in both his elite medical team at Mayo and
in his God. His faith is shown most directly in his daily actions. His loved
one’s (a long list of family and friends) receive texts often, highlighting
the recent details of his daily life and always ending with some of his
signature quotes: “we got this”, “booyah”, and “it’s all about the
platelets.” It’s no surprise to him that he’s now past the average life
expectancy for this awful disease, so now his texts highlight how he’s
literally moving the bell shaped curve on survivorship rates. His faith is
also evident by his attitude toward all the procedures, pokes, treatments,
and therapies. If you’ve ever run into him in the halls of Mayo, he’s likely
smiling, cracking a joke, or thanking the staff for all that they do. He
dedicated himself to recovery after two craniotomies, wore the Optune
device for several months in Florida of all places, and gives it his all in all
of his therapies. Ask him how he’s doing and you’ll get the best James
Brown impersonation as he squeals, “I feel good!” To wrap it up, his faith
is unwavering, strengthened by the words of Jimmy Valvano and Pastor
Charlie of Memorial United Methodist Church on Amelia Island, rooted in
the memories of his parents, Hope and Leo Pfeffer, restored and renewed
by the love of his life, Janet, and sustained for his three kids. (The picture
provided shows a gift he received from dear friends for his 70th birthday
in December 2023, knowing that he would love the shirt. But disclaimer –
sorry to any Providence fans out there, he is a Uconn fan through and