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Keeping the Faith




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October 2018 Keith asked me to marry him. Jan 2018 Keith started a new job. He started having numbness in his stomach area. He thought it might have been caused by us starting to workout so he thought nothing of it. It started to be painful and numb so he started going to the chiropractor. He worked through pain and numbness until he couldn’t any more. After chiropractic adjustments stopped helping he went to his PCP. They sent him to get and MRI. After review, he was sent to a neurosurgeon. Who then sent him to MDA. He was set up for surgery March 1, 2018. He went in for his pre-op appointment. When they realized that he had completely lost function of his legs in the short span of a month, they decided to do an emergency surgery a day early. After the 10 hour surgery he couldn’t so much as wiggle his toes. He had no feeling from mid-chest down. After spending a couple weeks in the hospital, Keith was diagnosed with GBM in his spinal cord. No one knew what to expect as this was a very rare location to find this type of tumor. He was put in OT and PT to hopefully get some kind of function back in his lower body. We decided as soon as he was released from the hospital we would get married. At this point he was working with OT and PT to stand for his vows. He meant for it to be a surprise, and it was. Just one month after being released from the hospital we got married May 4 (Star Wars day), 2018. Since then he has finished radiation and chemo treatments. He got the results from his first scan without having a chemo treatment prior this month and it came back with no new growth!! He now walks with the aid of a cane. And while he still cannot drive he pushes himself to improve everyday.