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Keeping the Faith




My wife, Kelly, was diagnosed with an astrocytoma grade lll in Feb 2012 following a seizure in the middle of the night. She was admitted to the hospital and following tests, it removed the next day on my birthday. She then had 6 weeks of radiation which she tolerated well and we were even able to take our son and 5 friends on Spring break to Mexico the day after she finished. She returned to work after 10 weeks but made a career change from Pediatric nursing to research feeling it would be a less physically demanding and she felt safer memory wise. She did chemotherapy for 6 months and we thought thing were going well until December when symptoms were appearing again. The MRI showed what was believed to be a return of the tumor and surgery was scheduled for after Christmas. We were so blessed the report showed no cancer cells. She had a more difficult recovery this time because of motor loss. Since that time however, she has done great. I have retired and we have traveled a lot this year. She is now 3 years cancer free.