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Keeping the Faith




Kirk was diagnosed with glioblastoma on January 6, 2014. A craniotomy was done at Mercy Medical Center where the surgeon was able to remove 10-15% of the tumors. Kirk under went radiation and chemotherapy at Mayo Clinic under the care of Dr. Joon Uhm. He also participated in a radiation clinical trial at Mayo. Kirk’s tumors remained stable until symptoms and MRI results confirmed tumor progression in January 2015. Kirk has been faced with many difficult life changes and obstacles due to this monster, GBM. He continues to make the best of every situation, handling each hurdle with fierce and focused determination and courage. These last 16.5 months have been rough yet at the same time, very special, and he is extremely grateful for the outpouring of love, kindness and support. Every day has been a victory and a miracle! Kirk is doing OK. He is loving, sassy and continues to have his quick wit, sense of humor and positive attitude. It’s been over 5 weeks since, based on the MRI results and Dr. Uhm’s recommendation, chemotherapy was discontinued. However, Kirk has not given up on his resolve to live and enjoy each day to its fullest. He’s still fighting with everything he’s got. We don’t know what tomorrow brings nor know the exact path and it’s even harder to guess. But every day we see Kirk and spend time with him is a good day. He is hanging in there and continually renewed by the kindness of others. Kirk is an inspiration and a hero.