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Keeping the Faith

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Four years ago on July fourth she went into a grand mal seizure. We lost her once then she was revived by her sister Courtney and brother Adam. The hospital emergency room sent us to see our regular doctor for a full MRI. The test showed that she had a tumor in her motor skills area. They sent her home on seizure medication. One day later she had another small seizure and the emergency room doctor admitted her to the hospital. Within three days, she had her first open brain surgery. The surgeon had removed all of the tumor but wanted her to go through radiation treatments for 26 sessions. Kristen did well for a year or so then the seizures came back and the MRI showed it was back in only a small area under the brain lining. They took her to her second surgery and it only took 30 minutes. The dr. told us it was small. It came back as a grade 3 cancer. She was doing well and the MRI’s showed the area was still clear of tumor activity in September 2012. In October 2012 Kristen was driving and had another Grand mal seizure with her daughter in the car. MRI showed that the tumor was back half the size it was the first time. They went and did her third surgery in November and was very aggressive in the tumor removal per Kristen’s request. They took all of the cancerous tumor out plus extra tissue which left her with paralysis on her right side. The tests came back as stage 4 cancer. In December,one month from the surgery, the MRI showed that it has returned the same size. Kristen started chemo therapy and the MRI in April showed that the tumor has begun to shrink. We pray that this will continue because now if the cancer grows her only option is prayer and experimental drugs.
Kristen has undergone 3 craniotomies and full head radiation. She has a beautiful 7 year old daughter, named Rayleigh, that keeps her fighting. She has a strong faith in God and has put this in his hands. She lives one day at a time now. The one thing Kristen worries about through this illness is how she will affect someone else’s day. Not wanting to be a burden or a reason for someone to have a bad day. She will fight this to the end. Rayleigh needs her mom and this keeps the faith strong that God will allow as much time as possible here on earth for her and her daughter.