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Keeping the Faith

Kris photo



Submitted by:
Charity Klop

Kris had no symptoms of having a brain tumor prior to his seizure on 9/16/08. When he went to the hospital they found that he had a mass on his right frontal lobe. A few days later he had surgery to remove it and the results came back that he had a stage II brain tumor. About a month later we met with doctors at Mayo Clinic and they said that about 1/3 of the tumor was missed during surgery and another surgery was scheduled for a week later. After the second surgery the doctors called to say that there was infection in the brain from the first surgery and Kris would need to do a few weeks of medication through a pic line that he had to have inserted. We were also told that Kris’ tumor was not grade II but rather a grade III Anaplastic Astrocytoma. This was followed by chemo and radiation and in February 2009 Kris had no further signs of cancer. Through all of this he has stayed positive, worked hard, tried to give encouragement to others battling or who have battled brain cancer and always kept his faith in God. He has now been cancer free for 10 years!