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Keeping the Faith

Kurt A



Submitted by:
Kristin Hendrickson, RN

I would like to nominate a true brain tumor warrior – Kurt Alcumbrac. Kurt’s journey began in August 2019, when he was diagnosed with glioblastoma. Facing a difficult diagnosis, he pushed full steam ahead with treatments including resection and chemoradiation. Once recovered, Kurt continued to enjoy his active lifestyle, working diligently to lower his golf handicap! When his cancer returned, Kurt became a genuine pioneer after being the first patient to enroll in a new Phase 0 clinical trial. He demonstrated his personal commitment to advancing glioblastoma research by being the first patient to try a promising new oral drug combination therapy for recurrent high grade gliomas. And he demonstrated his fighting spirit by continuing to battle his disease in order to win the war against brain cancer. I know that Kurt could not do this without the loving support of his wife of 41 years, Sandy, and their daughters and granddaughters. It is through them and because of them that Kurt is a brain tumor warrior.