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Keeping the Faith

Kyla _Keeping the faith



Submitted by:
Jo Singleton

Kyla is a 22 year old vivacious young lady who loves pickles, Alabama football, her two cats, her puppy, her boyfriend, and her family. She is a college student seeking her political science degree at the College of Charleston with hopes to pursue law school and focus on civil rights law. This girl is gonna change the world! In Aug 2018, Kyla began to experience right sided numbness. On Aug. 30th, the numbness crept onto her face. She sought medical attention at the ER where a MRI showed an unknown mass on her brain. The doctors attempted to figure out what exactly it was through scans, labs, and other tests. Unfortunately, Kyla had to undergo a brain biopsy on Oct. 26. This was a risky procedure due to the location of the mass. Thankfully, the procedure went “textbook perfect” according to the surgeon. We then found out our sweet girl was battling something much bigger than any of us could imagine. Kyla was diagnosed with an inoperable glioma at the brainstem. She began radiation, chemotherapy, and a clinical trial medication called TSC on Nov. 26. She is currently still undergoing treatment. Kyla has faced her diagnosis with courage and strength. She relies on her faith in God and says this has brought her closer to him. We don’t live in a doom and gloom place. Kyla and her family love to laugh and know laughter has helped get us through some pretty tough moments over the past few months. She goes to treatment with a big smile on her face and enjoys talking to the radiation techs, nurses, and other patients. Treatment for brain tumors continues to need advancement and funding for those advancements. Kyla has even mentioned looking into a career that would aid in funding for brain cancer research. Through all of this, we know hope is alive and a cure is within reach. KEEP THE FAITH!