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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Lisa Gray

Where do I begin, my son Kyle Berg is in a fight for his life. He turned 21 in November and had his whole life ahead of him, when on Dec 23, 2017 he went to the ER to learn he had a mass in the right side of his brain. Later we would learn it was 9 cm grade 2 Astrocytoma. Kyle never had any symptoms or headaches, but he woke up that day with a large bruise on his head and no knowledge of what happened. Kyle went to the ER where they diagnosed him and immediately transferred him to a hospital in Dallas. The doctor’s in Dallas did a biopsy Dec 29th and immediately came to tell me that I needed to get Kyle to a facility right away that had an MRI for surgery, further that he needed to have an aggressive resection, radiation and chemotherapy. The neurosurgeon recommended I call MD Anderson and I made an appointment for Jan 2nd. We met with the neurosurgeon who described the surgery that would be needed, and how they didn’t expect to be able to get all of the tumor due to its position in the brain, but would wake him up during the surgery to help get as much as they could. Kyle had brain surgery on Jan 17, 2018 the doctor was able to get a little more than 80% of it, but afterwards we would find out that wasn’t going to be enough. When you hear the diagnosis of 10-14 years, possible aggressive recurrences and you’re 21 you think this is the end. When you listen as a mom you think how did I miss this? Kyle just finished Proton radiation treatments that he had every day for 6 weeks and his next step for treatment is 6 months of chemotherapy, which he will start the end of April. After radiation, he wrote on the wall “Future Brain Cancer Survivor” and that’s what he’s going to be! Kyle is my hero, he has already endured so much and has such a long road ahead. Kyle maintains a positive attitude, faith in God and has the support of family and friends – we want to bring awareness to brain cancer to help fund the research necessary to make cancer history!