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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Rachel Baldridge

I would like to nominate my dad, Larry Pinion, for the Keeping the Faith award because of the determination and strength he has demonstrated since his diagnosis of grade IV glioblastoma maliforme in May 2014. Persistent and specific headaches for over a month led to an MRI, which was swiftly followed by surgery to remove a tumor. We received the devastating news that it was in fact cancer, and began to understand what an aggressive opponent he was facing. My dad left the hospital three days after his surgery (he would tell you three days too many), and spent his weekend at his grandson’s tball game. After six weeks of radiation, when he was told he would likely suffer the most fatigue, we checked a big item off his bucket list and spent two weeks in Alaska as a family where we went zip lining, salmon fishing, hiking, and more. Road trips, three mile walks, hiking in Colorado, two family ski trips, and countless hours enjoying his grandkids have been part of his personal regimen to stay healthy, happy and energized through 18 months of chemo and beyond. He’s also continued to use his God-given musical talent to serve and bless others. My dad has demonstrated great faith in all of the amazing doctors and nurses who take care of him, faith in himself and his will to live his life well and purposefully, and in God who he knows is good, even through this difficult storm. Despite my dad being the patient and the one most greatly impacted, he continues to lead our family and pour into others. This horrible disease has not diminished his willingness to give others something so precious, his time. My dad models what it looks like to love others well. Ask anyone who knows him, and they’ll tell you that Larry Pinion is someone who takes care of his family and helps others the best he can, all while maintaining a sense of humor. We recently celebrated two months in remission, and I am excited for the opportunity to walk with my dad as we continue to hope and pray for a cure.