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Keeping the Faith

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Lauren Nichole


Submitted by:
Kristen Matuszewski

Lauren is known as a person that wears her heart on her sleeve and celebrates what God has given to her, each day, good or bad. She is the first person to celebrate a victory or cheer on the underdog ~ in all aspects of life. It is no surprise that when Lauren was first diagnosed 8 years ago with an inoperable brain tumor, that she, along with the love and support of her immediate family, chose to tackle this diagnosis “head on” and refused to let it define her or take away her zest for life. Every single day, no exception, Lauren has lived in the most sincere and authentic way all while appreciating the life that she was given and days she was blessed with following her “stable” report! Lauren celebrated major events, mourned losses of some of her biggest fighters, accomplished professional & personal goals and never once let any medical report get in her way. She chose to honor her friends and family members while fighting medical conditions themselves and never did she ever compare her own story to those struggling with their own health. She has been first in line to pray for and seek compassion for strangers that need a person to give their heart ~ Lauren was just that person. This past year, at 31y/o, Lauren anxiously went to her annual check up and faced an unbearable report that her tumor had grown. With grace and dignity, she faced her fears and began to fight and she is fighting BIG. She continues to work full time, while undergoing chemotherapy, follow a very strict alkaline diet, gets up each morning and heads to the gym. She is a miracle in all of our lives, she continues to inspire and will bless the lives of anyone she may meet. No person, ever, would ever know that she wakes up each morning with uncertainty and goes to bed with any concerns as she has given her fears to her God and continues to live gracefully and in a way we should all emulate. If you are fortunate to meet Lauren, you will automatically fall in love and fight for her life!