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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Chris Riley

I nominate Laurie Riley for the keeping the faith award. She has been battling for many years, as she was diagnosed with her first brain tumor at 16 years of age. Then in 2006, just eight weeks after our daughter was born, she was diagnosed with an anaplastic oligodendroglioma. Over the last ten years she has endured two surgeries, three rounds of chemotherapy treatment (she is currently on the third), and radiation. And through it all, she has battled with dignity, pride, and poise. At what should be such a joyous time in one’s life, becoming a new mother, learning of a brain tumor diagnosis was catastrophic. Unsure of whether or not Laurie would be able to experience firsts with our daughter such as crawling, first steps, birthdays, and the first day of school immediately flooded her mind. But early on, Laurie chose to fight the tumor with everything she had. Ten years and many treatments later, she still maintains that fighting attitude. The duration of her fight has taken a toll on Laurie. But she continues to progress forward with treatments and life in a manner that leaves me in awe. She has not let her battles overcome her zest for life. Often many close to her are unaware of when she is on or off her chemotherapy treatments which is a testament to her attitude of not letting her tumor beat her. I have been amazed witnessing her live her life, raise our daughter, and battle her brain tumor. Her strength inspires me and others every day and I believe she embodies the characteristics necessary to be a keeping the faith recipient.