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Keeping the Faith

mom's bday 2014



Submitted by:
Linda's children

Our Mom began her battle with glioblastoma in July of 2014 after a seizure led to an ER visit and subsequent discovery of the tumor. She handled the ensuing treatment with strength and grace. She has tried to maintain a positive outlook throughout her treatment, always saying “I’ve got my boxing gloves on. I’ll just do whatever I have to do.” We all knew that she was okay when she requested her lipstick coming out of of the recovery room after her craniotomy! She tolerated radiation and chemo (Temodar) remarkably well and has spent the last two years enjoying her four children and seven grandchildren to the fullest. She is the most devoted and loving parent and grandparent imaginable and calls her grandkids the “lights of my life.” During this time, she has also enjoyed traveling to Northern Michigan, California, Oregon and Mexico, seeing beautiful places and eating delicious food, two things she enjoys thoroughly. After two years of stable MRIs, new growth was detected this Summer. On August 26, 2016, almost two years to the day of her previous surgery, she had another craniotomy at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit. She opted to participate in a clinical trial, Tocagen, but as it is a randomized blind study, it was unknown if she would get the drug. Happily, she did! There is so much promise for immune-mediated therapy cancer treatment and it is truly giving her and those who love her hope. She is currently recovering well at home and will begin treatment in about one month. She is an inspiration to so many people for her strength, courage and youthful spirit in facing such a difficult diagnosis. She has a huge heart and would do anything to help her family and friends, or even a perfect stranger for that matter! She is such a unique, incredible person who deserves only the best in life.