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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Kevin and Linda Joerling

Our lives changed on July 3,2013. Lisa was 19 years old and just finished her first year of college. We took her to the ER because her hand went totally numb. She also was having headaches that were becoming more frequent for the last 7 months. The CAT scan showed a brain tumor. She had a biopsy 5 days later and an awake craniotomy 8 days after the biopsy. The neurosurgeon told us it was a successful total resection, but there is always a chance of microscopic cells left behind. Her pathology report was classified grade 1 ganglioglioma. Lisa has nerve damage on 3 fingers on her right hand. Even after physical therapy she never regained the feeling. She went back to college 6 weeks after brain surgery(with her neurosurgeon’s approval) and graduated in 4 years with a degree in elementary education. She is beginning her 3rd year of teaching 4th grade and has touched the lives of many students already! Lisa’s follow up scans were clear until this May 2018. The scan shows a change that is being monitored. The doctor and tumor board are being conservative and watching her future scans to see if they remain stable. She is having more symptoms with tingling in her right hand and new symptoms on her left side. She has started a seizure medicine. Lisa has been so strong and courageous through her brain tumor battle. She has a deep faith and stays positive. She has never complained why her or why this happened. Lisa and her family and friends have participated in the Head for the Cure Kansas City 5K and bike ride and the St. Louis 5K every year since her surgery. Lisa really does Keep The Faith! She is loved more than words can say!