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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Beth Kloock


A busy life, the challenge of marriage, children and fulltime employment, we take our health for granted.

On June 11, 2013 Lisa and husband Jim were attending their youngest child’s elementary school graduation.  It was a full auditorium, and of course celebratory, when Lisa experienced her first seizure.  Fortunately there was a physician among one of the parents who was able to assist with the emergency at hand.  While protecting her head, there was little could be done to protect young Joshua from witnessing his mother being tended to and whisked away by ambulance.  Following a workup a Henry For Macomb, Lisa was transported to the downtown facility and into the care of Dr. Rock neurosurgeon.  

When Lisa first arrived at HFH, the overwhelming anxiety was greatly eased under the compassionate and competent care of Dr. Rock, and the very capable staff of this hospital.  With the opportunity to go home, Lisa prepared for the next phase of care.  On 6/28/13, Lisa re-entered the hospital for an “awake” craniotomy, with biopsy and removal of any accessible tumor.  Lisa did well through the surgery, but again suffered a severe seizure upon completion.  Her recovery was difficult due to the inability to gain control over the seizure activity.  

Lisa’s tumor was found to be an Oligodendroglioma stage 2, and with the slow recovery phase now present, she had to prepare for the next phase of her treatment.  Chemotherapy began shortly thereafter, 5 days of potent drugs, with 3 weeks between treatments.  This cycle along with the scheduled MRI’s, under the care of Neuro-Oncoligist , Dr. Walbert, this treatment lasted for one year.  Again, such a blessing to be in the care of Dr. Walbert, he has always been there, day and night to answer questions and to reassure.

Lisa’s most recent MRI indicates that her tumor is “stable,” and of course being watched closely by her physicians.  She is slowly re-entering the life she once had.  Feeling better allows for re-emergence into the life that continued to exist around her, despite her noticeable absence.Lisa is extremely fortunate to have a loving and supportive husband and children.  It has been tremendously difficult for them all, but they have pulled through.  Life for them may never be the same, but they have risen to the challenge, and are once again starting to enjoy the family life they once knew.

Lisa has emerged from this with a greater sense of purpose.  Always a person of faith, she has not only continued to grow spiritually, but has become focused on making a difference in others lives as well, but in a new way.  This forced encounter with her own mortality has given Lisa a new direction, and anyone who knows Lisa also knows she will be very successful in making a difference.