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Keeping the Faith

Lola 1



Submitted by:
Margarita Vasquez Breast Cancer Survivor

Lola is a 14 year old brave and kind hearted teen whom has been battling a rare form of spinal and brain cancer for the last five years. Lola has traveled many places for aggressive chemo and radiation therapy, physical and occupational therapy and continued going to school as she was allowed. She loves her teachers and school friends. The disease has progressed to the point where she can no longer stand on her own and as of December 2017 is in a wheel chair. Her spirit remains faithful to our Lord and she loves prayers. Lola is our HERO and angel. Never complains and never gives up. Even though she has been wheelchair bound she has made every effort to travel to California, one of her wishes was to Universal Studios, Hollywood and many other California attractions. Her last out of town travel, was to visit her aunt CeeCee and was able to get on a boat ride. She was carried into the pontoon by dad and was able to sit in her wheelchair and enjoy the lovely Galveston bay. Lola continues her daily battle against cancer and is now under the care of Vitas hospice and her loving family. She has been heavily sedated due to the unbearable pain. But when she’s awake she still has the desire to play her card games and texting. The cancer is now taking a toll on her. Her sight is now blurry and the paralysis is taking over her little body. Despite the agony she still smiles and is as loving as can be. She has participated in several American Cancer Society events and we pray she will be able to make it to this one. We thank everyone involved in making her wishes come true. Lola loves swimming, going to the Zoo, Sea World and adores her miniature blue healer “Kenedy”. Lola is blessed with two wonderful parents Gus and Sonia, older brothers Mark Anthony and Daniel whom is almost like her twin. She loves her family, church family, and many will do almost anything for little Princess Lola. Again we thank everyone for their prayers, support and unconditional love. Bless her soul.