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Keeping the Faith


Lori Jo


Submitted by:
Kim Asbury and Scott Kaser

In April 2016, Lori Jo Mines suffered a migraine headache as well as a stroke at the age of 38 years old. After a MRI, she was told there were 2 large tumors on both the right and left side of her brain. A few days later, the doctors at the James prepared Lori for a double craniotomy that took 5 hours to complete. Unfortunately, her brain surgeon was not able to get both tumors removed as one was attached to her spinal column. Later in April, Lori was given the devastating news that she had Stage 4 Glioblastoma Multiform, an aggressive and deadly Brain Cancer. Lori Jo and her family shed many many tears but decided to fight through this terrible disease! That summer, she went on to have 30 rounds of radiation and chemotherapy for 9 months as well as rehabilitation sessions to regain her speech and language skills. Lori Jo was stable for a glorious 20 months and defied the odds of Glioblastoma! In December 2017, Lori Jo began to not feel well again- headaches, dizziness, off-kilter with her balance, etc. In January 2018, when she went for a routine MRI at the James, the doctors discovered a small tumor on the right side of her brain. She had another brain surgery to remove that tumor in February of 2018. This time the tumor eradicated her peripheral vision. Lori Jo will never be able to drive again and continues to have challenges with her vision. Currently, Lori Jo is thankful to God she is still alive so she can hold and love her daughter, Livia Jean, age 11 and her husband, Jason. She is positive her fight will not be in vain! We hope by sharing Lori Jo Mines’ story of survival and struggle that anyone who has been touched by cancer can find peace and purpose within the chaos of this disease! Lori Jo Mines is a true warrior and champion of Brain Cancer!!