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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Larry Rastatter

Let’s see where should I start with our story. First a little background; Lori’s occupation is a radiation therapist and she has worked in both of the major hospital systems in Cleveland treating cancer patients and helping their families through exactly what we were about to go through. We had been seeing each other for about 6 months prior to the morning of October 28, 2007 when her brain tumor was discovered. I was sleeping on the couch that night and I heard the puppy, Gizzmo, whining in the bedroom; her daughter was not home at the time. I got up to see what was going on and I discovered her having a seizure so I called 911 and our lives changed from that point forward; to this day we joke that she owes me her life seeing I was there. In November of that year, Dr. Vogelbaum was able to remove the majority of it, or as she likes to say he gave her a face lift (she actually thanked him for the face lift) and she was off work for a number of weeks. Her constant companion during that time was Gizzmo who stayed by her side the entire time to the point later in life he didn’t like me getting near my now wife. Since that time, it has slowly grown back. In March, she underwent radiation, under the guidance of Dr. Suh, and chemotherapy, under the guidance of Dr. Peereboom, for six weeks. Since then, every 23 days she has chemo. During our last Doctor visit, we were told everything looked good and the tumor had not grown. She did tell her doctor that she had lost weight and thanked him for the weight loss program; yes we both have that strange sense of humor which keeps us going. She has kept a very strong outlook on everything and as you can see we try to find as much humor in the situation as we can. She is aware of the fact that her brain tumor could start to grow again in the future but as of now, the goal is to finish everything by no later than the beginning of April and then go on vacation to Hawaii, Alaska, and anywhere else we put on our bucket list.