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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Nikki Berg

Mackenna was born with Nf1 or Neurofibromatosis. At age 10mo was diagnoised with bilateral optic glioma brain cancer. She has received 16mo of chemotheropy and had to postpone her immunizations during that time. Her diagnosis is. 1-400,000 because she is not operable nor will ever be in remission. Tumors will come and may shrink her entire life throughout her body but will never be permenently gone. She not only follows oncology through Childrens Mercy but neurology, Dermotology, hearing and speech, opthomology, orthoptist, ccvi, and home services and receives mri every 3 mo and has received EEGs for past history of seizures. She is a extreamly bright, loving and amazing little fighter. Not only because she is my daughter but because I have never known anyone like her ever. As a single mom, her 7 yr old sister and I have tried to make the most out of each and everyday God gives us with her. She is at high risk for contracting other forms of cancer due to the NF diagnosis but also with 3 other types of cancer that have affected members of our immediate family as well. Mackenna has no fear and lights up a room where ever she goes bringing hugs and love to everyone.