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Keeping the Faith

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Submitted by:
Jennifer Long

Brave. Courageous. Strong. Committed. Hopeful. Optimistic. These are the words that come to my mind when I think about my mom and her journey. Always the dedicated and favorite grandparent, mom (aka “Bama”) never misses school events, soccer, football, or basketball games for my 3 children and is the “must-have” cake maker for every birthday celebration. Life changed with one bad headache on a Sunday after spending the day watching my boys play football. As news and diagnoses and more uncertainties surfaced, fear could have crippled her but she chose to fight. She chose to believe. She chooses every day to show up with a smile. She is grateful for family, friends, amazing doctors and trials, walks outside, Friday movie nights and chinese food, and storytime with her granddaughter. Masks, scarves and battery packs attached to her head didnt stop her from planning our 24th annual family beach trip. I am inspired by my mom and by what can happen when we all help and love each other as families and communities. I know she will never give up. And I have a sneaking suspicion Bama will keep her promise of being at all 7 of her grandchildren’s weddings.