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Keeping the Faith

Martye Guthe nomination photo



Submitted by:
Debra DeCamillis

About a year ago, my friend Martye began what may be the most difficult journey she could ever have imagined.. Her day started out as usual, but by the end, she was in the ER experiencing odd and debilitating symptoms, hearing unfamiliar and frightening medical terms and treatment options. She and her husband were terrified, but soon felt she was in good hands with UNC doctors, who were knowledgeable and experienced, yet – even though the immediate situation sounded dire – encouraging. Members of our Hayes Barton Baptist Church Sunday School class jumped right in to provide prayer support, as well as meals, a hand-knitted prayer shawl, and calls and cards. During the past year, tests show the treatments apparently have been working, and Martye’s brain tumor has shrunken to almost undetectable. While everyone who loves Martye celebrates this very welcome good news, it seems important to recognize the impact of the past year from the demands and side effects of radiation and chemo. Martye credits her confidence in her doctors and treatment team. Throughout this long year, she says she has felt God’s presence through her devoted family’s love and care, as well as from her church family’s prayers and acts of kindness, and especially through her own faith.