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Keeping the Faith

Matt in hospital



Submitted by:
Deborah Musch

Matthew Fairchild is not only my son, he is also my hero. And this is why: Matt was diagnosed with a cerebellar brain tumor over ten years ago. He has had countless MRI’s over the years as his neurologist monitored the tumor’s growth. It has always amazed me how Matt could go in for his MRI asking them to play some country music and then take a nap while the images are being taken! Being claustrophobic the idea of the MRI itself scares me. But the enclosure, the complete stillness in requires and the noisy pings and pangs of the machine don’t bother Matt at all. He just relaxes and goes with the flow. In March of this year it was decided that the tumor had grown to the point that it was time to do something about it. So on April 6th, Matt went in for brain surgery. However, once inside the brain, it was determined that only 5% could be removed without causing further damage. Matt surprised everyone with his recovery. He was up walking around the morning after surgery and laughing and joking around with family, friends and medical staff. His positive attitude and joy for life have inspired so many people. Last week, on July 5th, Matt started radiation treatment at the SCCA Proton Therapy Center. He will be going there Monday through Friday for six weeks. We are all feeling confident that this tumor is going to be beaten once and for all. Matt is a truly amazing young man who loves sports and has tremendous faith in God. People that he both knows and doesn’t know have been encouraged by his story. They see a gentle man who loves life but they also see a brave warrior who doesn’t give up without a fight. Our family and friends have watched an unbelievably sweet, loving boy, who has had to face a number of challenges in his life, grow up to be the most courageous, kindhearted man he is today. I am so honored that I am the one Matt calls Mom.