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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Chris Langford

At the age of 29, and with a nearly one-year-old, my wife, Megan saw a neurologist about some lasting issues from pregnancy. That was the day that her life was changed forever, and her tumor was discovered. Her surgery, to de-bulk an anaplastic astrocytoma tumor sitting primarily in her cervical spine and protruding up into her brainstem, was on August 11, 2016, as well as a laminectomy and fusion. Thirteen weeks later, after 28 sessions of radiation, 39 days of oral chemotherapy, re-learning how to walk using a cane, regaining some motion in a previously completely paralyzed left arm, and spending significant time with her husband and daughter, she returned to work to regain some normalcy along with finding ways to help others with chronic conditions. After 12 more months of chemotherapy cycles, she was treatment free for nearly 3.5 years when she faced a reoccurrence, which was followed by another 9 months of chemotherapy cycles. Megan strives each day to show everyone that a cancer diagnosis is only a part of who she is. She works full time as a Business Analyst, studies for a master’s degree in Data Analytics, volunteers as a member of the Henry Ford Hermelin Brain Tumor Center PFAC, is the Treasurer of her daughter’s scout pack, and the Philanthropy Chair of her local sorority’s alumnae chapter, as well as continue to improve our homestead. Determined to make a difference in the world, she sets an amazing example and shows that even with a rough cancer diagnosis; you can be successful and do anything you want. Megan hopes to continue having cancer be only a small part of her life while continuing to help those with brain and spine tumors, creating her family’s homestead, and continue having fun with her family.