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Keeping the Faith




Melissa is my wife and a reflection of unselfishness, determination, and love for others. Melissa started this chapter of her life in September 2013 just after we celebrated our 23rd wedding anniversary. She experienced a seizure in our car, was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, and learned she had a brain tumor. After a biopsy, she was diagnosed with inoperable brain cancer. She immediately began radiation treatments and even though she developed blood clots in her lungs and was hospitalized, she fought through this roadblock by leaving the hospital each day to stay on her radiation treatment plan. Melissa never gives up, but instead faces each day ready for life’s challenges…and rewards. She fixes her eyes on the one thing that never moves – her faith in God – and this allows her to remain focused, steadfast, and able to persist through all of the trials and tribulations that come her way. Driven to not let cancer stop her, in February 2014 we traveled to Disneyworld for a family vacation. In July 2014 we traveled to where we first met in Flagstaff, Arizona and renewed our wedding vows in front of our families. We also took time to visit Disneyland and recount the steps where our daughter first saw her first Disney character…Pooh. Melissa was courageous and brave throughout our travels. Everyone that meets Melissa is touched by her and is better having met her. She wants to give back whenever she can…by smiling at a child, helping a person in need, or by rewarding random acts of kindness and encouraging others to stay strong – even on their hardest days. Today, Melissa completed month 11 of chemotherapy and is a wonderful example of Christs’ love and sacrifice for others. Her life has been about giving to others – myself, our daughter, volunteer causes, anyone that needs help on the street. I am honored to call her my wife and know that she is my earthly hero that I try to be like every day.