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Keeping the Faith




My father Mike Castaneda was diagnosed with stage 4 brain cancer this past December. Every day he fights and continues to BEAT this battle with cancer. The drive and perseverance he has is incredible. He believes in living a healthy life and continuing to keep his body strong mentally and physically. His faith in God during this time couldn’t be stronger. Hes an inspiration. We couldn’t be more proud. My father is a huge sports fan. He was taken back by Stuart Scotts’ speech during the espy’s. My father texted me after watching the espy’s referencing Scott’s speech “”I can’t ever give up because I can’t leave my daughters.” I cried reading his message as I know this has been one challenging battle. I watched Stuart Scott’s speech over and over with disbelief that he has the same mentality as my father. Scott stated “You beat cancer by how you live,” & that is how my father lives his life everyday. He continues to workout daily. He continues to go to church every Sunday and keep his faith strong. He works hard and continues hes on with life.