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Keeping the Faith




Michael was diagnosed with brain cancer November 2013. Michael is a husband and father of two young boys. He found out that he had a tumor the size of a golf ball and the weren’t able to biopsy it due to it being in the center of the brain. Michael went for his first surgery in November and that’s when he found out that this type of tumor doesn’t react to chemo or radiation and that the only cure would to have to have another surgery to get all of it. He came home the day of Thanksgiving and just had to what until they scheduled his next surgery, which was in December. Michael went for his second surgery and stayed strong with all the support from his family and small community of Mannford, Ok. He was released the week of Christmas. Michael has fully recovered and goes to his doctors every time he gets a headache. We are Blessed for the support and the great Lord helping us all through this tough journey in our life!