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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Lindsay Hill

Just a short 10 months ago, Michael had a seizure one night – out of no where… within the week he was diagnosed with Stage 2 Astrocytoma and had brain surgery to remove the tumor. Needless to say his life and that of his adoring family’s was turned upside down in an instant. Mike was 30 years old, married to the love of his life and has 2 young boys. Within a few months he began radiation, then chemotherapy to eradicate this cancer from his body and life. He is in his 8 round of chemo and still heads to his full time job daily and is a father/husband 24/7. Any other person would have immediately fell into a “why me” state of mind; a “poor me” mentality — but not Mike. He has stared down cancer with positivity, fight and hope ever since May 4, 2015! His inspiration to always look on the brighter side, to say ‘I will not be beaten’ and to cherish his days for each moment as they are is awe-inspiring! I am honored to call him a friend; to stand beside him and his family as they fight this battle – not alone — but with warriors by his side; and to see what else he will succeed in doing in his life in honor of his battle.