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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Sonia Stayton (Mom)

Mike is my oldest son, born Nov. 15, 1978. Feb 2014 I got a call from my youngest son. My heart dropped and the tears wouldnt stop. My first born had a Brain Tumor. I packed a bag and drove 8 hours, 2 hours in blinding snow, to get to him. 99% of a baseball size tumor was removed from Left Frontal Lobe. Following surgery Radiation & Chemo was done. MRI’s were done and all was well. June of 2016 Mikes MRI showed some change. That “Monster” was back. This didn’t stop Mike from walking in the “Head For The Cure” event. Sept 2016 another Surgery was done, this time he had to be awake. At this time Mike is put on Monthly Chemo for 1 year. In November 2016 Mike had a Seizure and driving Privileges were lost. Around May 2017, things are looking up, he got his driving privileges back. MRIs look ok, no change. JULY 2017 URG !!!!!!! I get that horrible call again. That Monster is back even though Mike was on Chemo. At this time, Mike has a Doctors appointment on July 24. My Wonderful Son is facing another surgery in the very near future. Mike and his wife Holly are 2 of the kindest, loving, giving people I know. As a Mother I am so proud of both of them. I’m so thankful that Mike is still able to work. He still works out and is involved in Karate. He and Holly are still able to enjoy life. My prayer is that Gods love & mercy will heal Mike of this “Life Stealing” cancer. And I also pray God will provide knowledge and the funds to find a cure for Brain Cancer.