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Keeping the Faith




My 12 year old daughter Morissa was diagnosed at the age of 11 with Myxopapillary Ependymoma, May 8, 2013. She was having severe lower back pain, and the first visit to the first doctor was frustrating. They told us it was just “growing pains”, and to go home and take Tylenol. That didn’t alleviate any of the pain whatsoever. So another two doctors visits and a couple of trips to the Emergency room later, her pediatrician decided it was time to order an MRI to see what was causing this pain. She could not walk, sit, lay down, or even bend over at all. Ice packs seemed to help a little. After they saw just how much pain she was in, they gave her stronger pain medicine. Thankfully it helped her sleep, which she had little of those few weeks. We ended up not being able to wait for the outpatient MRI, because the pain was that bad. They got her in at the Emergency room MRI. They did not think that there was really anything badly wrong until after they saw the first MRI. They had to do a second one with contrast. And she got better medicine. You have to be really still for the MRI and the pain she had was causing spasms in her back. They came back a few hours later to let me know that they had found a “massive tumor” in her spinal canal, and she would need to go to a bigger and better hospital than where we were. That was May 6. So we were transported via ambulance to Children’s Memorial Hermann hospital. In waiting for the surgery, May 7, she lost feeling and control from the waist down! She had her surgery May 8, 2013, and came home the day after Mother’s day! Morissa hopes she can someday help kids like her, that have to go through such a scary event/journey. She wants them to know that no matter what, don’t ever give up. And with time, even from one day to the next that it does get better! My daughter is an inspiration to me! She is such a tough little girl. Knowing that our journey is only just begun, we want to stand up, and walk to show our support with those who are going through such a rough n tough journey. The CERN foundation led me to you so a special thanks to them too.