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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
David Mattingly

Nicolle is a 29 year old mother of one, wife, and daughter. She has been battling brain cancer since she was 9 years old; 5 surgeries, general radiation, proton therapy, targeted therapy, and who knows how many MRI’s later, you can find her supporting the youth as a Vice Principal at Redmond Middle School. Nicolle may not even realize it, but she is a teacher default. Over the years, Nicolle’s journey has inspired her to help others in various ways: • The familiarity she has with the healthcare system has left her wanting to help guide others through the tumultuous system via patient advocacy. I can see Nicolle pursuing this avenue in the future. • Her experience becoming a mother has led her to want to pursue doula training. • Her unique perspective of the importance of health has inspired her to help support others in their fitness journey via support groups. The world is a better place because of Nicolle; it could use more teachers, just like her.