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Keeping the Faith

Olga Leonard - HFTC_6218



Submitted by:
Trey Leonard

I am just so honored, humbled and grateful to nominate my extraordinary wife Olga Leonard as a true “Keeping the faith” individual. 10 years ago almost to the day, Olga was diagnosed with a stage 3 mix of an Oglio and Astrocytoma brain tumor in the front right side of her frontal cortex. I remember waking up at 4am to her having a seizure and although she has two beautiful daughters, she couldn’t remember that she had children. We rushed her to the hospital and our lives were forever changed. She had the tumor completely removed shortly after by an incredible surgeon named Dr. Fox. Olga has faced this amazing life challenge head on with incredible courage and never once stopped smiling and caring for others while literally fighting for her life. She loves with her whole heart and is just so inspiring to all around her. She has conquered 10 years of remission, cancer free, with no hint of any tumor returning. Olga created Team Leonard in Austin TX with HFTC 9 years ago and has not only brought large, engaged teams to the races each year but has raised thousands and thousands of dollars for Head For The Cure. You just can’t stop this woman!! She is loved by all who know her and most especially by me and her daughters Sofie and Elena. We are just so grateful for every single moment that she is in our lives! For all of this and so much more, I proudly nominate the amazing Olga Leonard as a 2022 Keeping The Faith recipient!!