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Keeping the Faith

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Blackburn Family

Hi, my name is Raphie, and my mom and I want to tell you about my aunt, Pam Blackburn, or as I call her “Aunt Pambi.” Aunt Pambi is a wonderful person and I love her to pieces, even though she left me behind when she moved from the Midwest to Phoenix years and years ago! She doesn’t care that I have Down Syndrome, she loves me just as much as anybody could, because she has a really big heart for people with disabilities. She loves dogs, too, just like I do, which is another thing that makes her so special. Aunt Pambi and I have lots of fun memories of our families visiting over the years, especially camping trips, and Thanksgiving and Christmas, and one time she gave me a tea set for Christmas that I used all the time, and cherished for years! She is kind, and daring, and brave, and a super-special person. And that’s why I think it’s so unfair that she has a brain tumor called Glioblastoma – because she loves life, and loves her family, and just like me and everybody else, has lots and lots of stuff she still wants to do. I want Aunt Pambi to have many more fun birthday parties, and it’s my dream that Head for the Cure can give her the HOPE that she can and will! I love you Aunt Pambi!