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Keeping the Faith

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Blackburn Family

September 18, 2019, my sister, Pam Blackburn was rescued off Piestewa Peak. It was the day that changed her life forever. On September 20, 2019, she was diagnosed with stage 4 Glioblastoma. She is the loving wife of Ron Jackson and the super proud mother of Amie, Ron, Melissa, Hannah, and Zachary. Her whole life she has been an outspoken advocate for the rights of the disabled community; helping to defeat some harmful legislation and also helping to pass fortuitous legislation. She knows no bounds and defies all odds to bring the community together. She is a Reiki Master, massage therapist, mechanical draftsperson, and has a BS in social work. Suffice it to say she has led a well-rounded life always rooted in her love of family and nature. But accomplishments come and go as you face an unbelievable life-altering diagnosis of Glioblastoma. Sister Karen says God is here and will not leave you. Uncle Bill says her positive attitude has inspired all of us to look at e bright side of our lives and Aunt Ona says Pam has the same loving traits as her mother. A friend s superheroes have nothing on Pam. There is not a single person who has read Pam’s blog who hadn’t been touched by her outpouring of kindness and introspection. Through her writing, she has touched so many people with her inspiration and genuine care and love toward her fellow human beings in spite of her own suffering. Don’t Stop Believing…A Good Thing Never Dies! The general consensus is that Pam loves sunflowers, is spiritual, altruistic, great storyteller, strong, courageous, selfless, humane human, beautiful red-headed woman, intrepid, loves animals, avid hiker, and hands down have the most positive attitude of anyone we know! Pam has taught all of us HOPE is real. “Together we Rise” (Family Tattoo) It is our fervent hope that “Head for the Cure” finds a cure for the insidious cancer