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Keeping the Faith

Reginald _Tammy



Down the path of re-discovering myself as a lost 20-something-year-old, I met Reginald. Within months, our blossoming friendship became an invitation to God’s love. Our spirits became one. Simply, his gentle love crushed the gray clouds that surrounded me. After his sudden discovery of a brain tumor and diagnosis of a rare brain cancer, my heart was yanked out of my chest and my faith ran away. Throughout my relationship with Reginald and encounter with his cancer, I had to rediscover my faith. He was diagnosed with Anaplastic Ependymomas (Grade III). He was in Stage 3, fighting for his life as a young 22 year old. And to this day, as husband and wife, we are still fighting and beating cancer. Together. We can confirm that God is God and will always be in control, no matter how detrimental the condition may be formulated by the doctors. If there aren’t any cures, how could anyone be so positive and strong-minded in the fight against the disease? It inevitably seems like the person’s recovery and fate nestle inside the doctor’s hands? But it’s not. And God is still pounding His fists for Reginald. Today, I sit here at my dining table across from my husband who is alive and well. He has been cancer free for 4 years and we plan to keep on fighting as husband and wife. Brain tumors and cancer are not death sentences. We all travel through pain and suffering. Nonetheless, we are born with free will to be happy, no matter what our circumstances may be. And Reginald is a shining example of this. The cancer crawled through my husband’s flesh, but lost its direction. The cancer crushed his brain vessels, but not many. The cancer bullied its way into our minds, but never made it to our hearts.