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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Jeana Filip

I nominate my mom, Rita Filip, for the keeping the faith award. She was diagnosed with glioblastoma multiforme in December 2014. It was found incidentally after suffering from a severe headache. She underwent surgery to have the mass removed at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, where her doctors came up with a plan for radiation and chemotherapy (she is currently over halfway through her year long chemotherapy treatment). She is a great example of staying positive and being strong throughout even as tough a situation as this. Whether it’s going to get her blood drawn or just out with friends, people are always in a better mood when she’s there because her bravery and positive energy are so contagious. She continues to do all the things she loves including traveling, cuddling with her dog, Captain, and caring for her family. It was Rita who saw the Head for the Cure flyer and decided to start a team. She instantly gained support from many family members and friends. She has been walking more and more everyday to ensure she can walk with her team at the Chicago event on October 24. With this event, she hopes to gain awareness for brain cancer and funds to help research to benefit future brain cancer fighters. She continues to be an inspiration and role model for me and everyone around her. She holds all the qualities that it means to be “keeping the faith.”