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Keeping the Faith

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Submitted by:
Mabel Ames

Robert is my brother in law and his brain cancer journey began 3 years ago. May of 2016 we got the news that Rob had seizure and was going to the hospital to see what was going on. Within days we learned it was a tumor and could possibly be cancerous. Right away they scheduled brain surgery to biopsy it and to remove what they could. June 1st we found out it was an astrocytoma grade 2. The news was devasting. Rob is a hero to everyone in our family! He’s an Army veteran who served in Iraq during 2005-2006, a father to 3 young children, a husband to his amazing wife Kathrine, a son, a brother and friend. Rob said on day 1 he would kick cancers ass. He’s been led by his unwavering faith in God, his sense of humor and his internal stregnth from the man above. Rob has completed proton radiation and chemotherapy like a champ! A year after his initial diagnosis in May of 2017 Robert had a setback he suffered a stroke from chemotherapy. The last 2 years Rob has worked so hard to overcome his struggles from the stroke. This year he walked the Swedish Brain Cancer walk for the 2nd time! His goal was to do it cane free which he did and it was amazing to be there walking along side him. Rob is always smiling and spreading his love for christ. Rob continues to fight and work hard every single day, never letting his condition hold him back. This last year Rob has even been working with program for veterans that allows him to fish, hunt and get back to things he did before all of this changed his life. Robs love for life, his family, and Christ is inspiring. He deserves the world and thats why Im nominating him for the Keeping the Faith recipient. He is the epideme of faith with his strenth, perserverance, humor and love for christ. I know this would mean the world to him and our family.