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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Tiffany Estes

Ron was stopping at the grocery store ready to celebrate his 8th wedding anniversary with his wife, Nicole. In an instant, life changed. After suffering from acute seizures, an ems ride, two hospitals, and endless tests Ron was diagnosed with anaplastic astrocytoma. He underwent immediate brain surgery to remove as much of the tumor as they could. Although the surgery was a success not all the tumor was able to be removed. Ron went through radiation and is currently doing chemotherapy treatments. I have known Ron for almost 10 years and him and his wife, Nicole, are like family to me. They have a two year old daughter named Delaney. Regardless of what is going on Ron is always there for his family, especially Nicole and Delaney. It is such an inspiration to know how much Ron is going through yet he is still such a wonderful son, brother, father, and husband. It is my honor to know Ron and have such a friendship and bond with his entire family. I am thankful each day for him and hopeful that one day there will be a cure! ❤️