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Keeping the Faith

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Submitted by:
Marsha Ransick

Sam is a family man, a husband, father, son, brother. He has also been a member of the Pittsburgh BCA5K team for a number of years. After first being diagnosed in May 2015, he trained to run 5K’s.  He was proud to  complete a number of 5K races, including the Pittsburgh BCA5K as a survivor two years in a row. He was preparing for his first 10K, when he had a recurrence in Sept. 2018.  He strives everyday to not just survive, but also thrive after surgery, a re-irradiation clinical trial, and chemotherapy.  He was proud to bring the Survivor Tent to the Pittsburgh BCA5K the past two years.  Positive energy and the love and support of family and friends keeps him moving forward. He’s hoping to be able to run a 5K again, but for now is enjoying time spent with family.  We, his family, are so proud of his fight, his accomplishments, and his will to keep moving forward through enormous struggles.