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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Becky Badgett Fentem

Sandy Badgett was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma tumor, brain cancer, February 2018. A friend pointed out to Sandy that she seemed to be repeating herself and wasn’t the “sharp” Sandy Badgett they all knew and loved. She also had small tremor in her hands that caused some concern, combine these with moments of memory loss made it clear that something wasn’t right. Doctors were contacted to run tests and within days they were having a MRI of her brain. They received the news that she had a mass in her brain. Surgery was done hoping to give relief in some of the areas, like sight and memory, that were being effected by the tumor. Sandy and her husband Joe had a daughter, Laura, that died from brain cancer at the tender age of 30. They knew what this diagnosis of brain cancer meant all too well. So, the journey of dealing with the effects of brain cancer begins again for their family. The tumor has now entered Sandy’s cerebral spinal fluid in the center of her brain and essentially can spread the cancer very quickly. This location takes the hope of treatment off the table and changes timing completely. Sandy has an incredible positive attitude. She sees that God has the larger picture of this situation and that something good will come of all of this ordeal. Sandy said, “Well, we just have to make the most of the time we have!” Sandy knows where she is going. She knows the God who loves her. The same God that will provide comfort in the pain and agony over this news. She is an inspiration to all that come in contact with her. She ministers to those who have come to minister to her! She has hope. Hope draws us forward not because it promises a better tomorrow, but because it causes us to watch for God’s presence and His power even when life does not proceed as we have planned. That is hope. She lives out “Keeping the Faith”. Thank you for this opportunity to nominate this precious, loving, intelligent, God fearing lady for the “Keeping the Faith award.