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Keeping the Faith




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On 4/23/14 Sarah & Eric Mahler learned she had a brain tumor (mixed g-3 glioma), so big it crossed the brain median-causing severe numbness. Surgery revealed it was entangled with her motor skills making total removal too risky. Sarah had to re-learn to stand, step & walk, she had memory & vision issues. A 2nd surgery would increase her chances for a longer life but she & Eric, having been through the fire, knew the possible results, would she survive, be able to walk, to see, to function independently? Would she remember her loved ones, the ones she was fighting for? These questions haunted them but they knew they were doing the right thing, the best thing.They determined to battle this dark passenger; for her kids (5,3,1) she’d sacrifice the ‘now’ for a longer ‘later’. 90 days later, another surgery but this time, success. The tumor shifted, making removal easier.The MRI showed no evidence of a mass, the doctor was surprise with the results. Post-op, Sarah greeted Eric in a strong voice, she remembered him! Crying, she wiggled her foot, “I’m going to walk again.” She was back home 20 days later, vision & her memory problems improved but she knew the monster could be waiting to strike. She vowed never to stop fighting. During radiation treatment, the tiny spot of baldness suddenly grew. Showing courage, they shaved her head, making an inspiring video of the experience. Sarah keeps the faith-she’s never wavered from her vow that cancer won’t define or defeat her. She meets each challenge, keeping her goals firmly in sight. We support Head for the Cure to honor all who have gone before, their selflessness & courage helped changed her prognosis from a too-short life to one of hope. Super-heroes are cartoon characters; in cool costumes, bigger than life. Our superhero dresses like us, strangers don’t know she’s super. Those who knows Sarah –knows she is the definition of a super-hero. The hurdles may be big, but she overcomes them- one glorious step after another.