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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Omar Flores

Shanda Cook is a Mother, a wife, a daughter, a Sister, an aunt, & a friend and this is her story On July 21st we were setting up for our niece’s 20th birthday party to be held at Shanda’s house. Shanda had been running around with Dalia, her sister, getting final fittings for her soon to be destination wedding. She is always the problem solver. Whatever you need she’s there. Her driving was a little off (more than usual LOL) when coming home from the fitting appointment. Dalia told her to pull over and she drove home the rest of the way. Once home, Shanda was disoriented and knew she couldn’t get to her bedroom from the kitchen and called for her husband, Bobby. He got her to the bedroom and made her lay down. He griped at her for pushing herself too hard with exercise and diet. No holds barred with our girl. Bobby got her to eat in hopes that she would feel better. As the day progressed she did not feel better and could not make it to the birthday party just outside her door. Mom and others came in to check on her and she was dazed and confused. She was not able to perform simple tasks asked of her. It was agreed she should go to the hospital. Upon initial review at the hospital it was thought Shanda had suffered a stroke. Further tests showed a mass on her brain. It was not a stroke, it was swelling of the brain due to the mass that caused a seizure. She was transferred to Baylor St. Luke’s in Houston the following day. Their tests confirmed the same. On July 27th as much of the tumor that doctors believed could safely be removed was taken. Another 4 days in the hospital and she went home to wait for the results of the biopsy. Results confirmed what we didn’t want to hear. It was cancer. Anaplastic Astrocycoma to be exact, a rare form of brain cancer. Our Warrior now knows what she’s fighting against. In her ever strong fashion, she’s arming herself with prayer, love and joy and is prepared to walk through this valley hand in hand with her Savior.