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Keeping the Faith




Submitted by:
Libby Sunkari

I am nominating Shane because he has kept a remarkably positive attitude despite his 2.5 year battle against brain cancer. Shane was diagnosed with a brain tumor just before Christmas of 2016. Shane experienced a stroke during the surgery to remove his tumor, and his balance and speech were tremendously effected. Thanks to his dedication to positive outlook, as well as a great team of doctors and a great support system, Shane’s tumor has remained stable. He has also regained much of his mobility and his speech continues to improve. I met Shane and his wife Jeannie when my family began going to a Brain Cancer Support Group at the Cancer Support Community in the fall of 2017. Shane was a source of inspiration and encouragement to my mom who has just been diagnosed with a glioblastoma and was struggling with aphasia. Shane brightened up the support group with his sense of humor and earnest faith that things would get better. He demonstrated kindness and patience with my mom who was often difficult to understand – he always took the time to listen. When my mom’s own cancer took a turn for the worst and she was moved to hospice care, Shane and Jeannie came to visit. To me, this was the ultimate act of courage and love. Even though we only knew each other through the support group, Shane felt compelled to be there for my family in our darkest days. Even though my mom lost her battle to cancer, Shane and his family continues to support my family. The picture I included here is of Shane meeting my son this spring. I am still in awe of his optimism in the face of this terrifying illness and I am happy our paths crossed despite the circumstances.