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Keeping the Faith



Submitted by:
Jessica Hasheider

On Labor Day of 2016, my mom an episode in the afternoon where she didn’t remember doing things. After convincing her to make a doctor’s appointment to be checked out, we found out she had a brain tumor the size of an egg behind her right eye. She had no vision problems, no headaches, no balance issues. Only the one afternoon of foggy memory. This came as quite a shock! She had surgery to remove as much of the tumor as possible. The original biopsy came back as malignant glioblastoma. A second review was done by the Tumor Board at Siteman and determined it to be a PXA tumor. This type of tumor is very rare for someone 60 years old to have. This type is more likely found in children/teenagers/young adults. She completed all of her radiation treatments, five days a week for six weeks at Siteman and got to ring the bell! She was closely monitored, having MRI’s every month or two. They were watching for regrowth. In February 2018 we were told it was back. This was very devastating. This would require another surgery. On March 6th, 2018 she underwent surgery to remove the entire tumor. In order to do this, part of her frontal lobe would need to be taken as well. There was concern of vision loss among other things. To date she has recovered very well and is tumor free! She will continued to be monitored but we are so grateful for the wonderful cancer treatment facility so close to home! We are so grateful to have our mom and grandma still with us! (the picture provided is on her second to last day of treatment from her first tumor!)