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Keeping the Faith




When I heard the news of Shelby’s tumor, I remember feeling shock, sadness and asking the question “Why Shelby?” When I first spoke to her, I remember her being strong, confidant and and I knew the fight in her was on! She maintained the most positive attitude throughout her diagnosis, surgery and continues her positiveness in her diligent check ups. When I first visited her after her surgery I will never forget her showing me her shaved hair and incision with a smile on her face. I felt nervous and she was as confidant as can be…true “Shelby style”. I feel like Shelby doesn’t take any moments for granted. She lives life to the fullest and doesn’t sweat the small stuff. She is so loved by everyone, and such an inspiration to all of us. She has become the mother of 2 of the most precious children, is a loving wife and the best friend anyone could ask for! Shelby’s strength throughout her journey with a brain tumor is truly unwavering and she is the definition of keeping the faith!