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Keeping the Faith

Sherry Gibson Headshot



Submitted by:
Carissa Figgins

In 2015 my friend Sherry Gibson had a seizure at work and was soon after diagnosed with Brain Cancer otherwise known as an Anaplastic Oligodendroglioma Grade 3 Malignant Brain Tumor. Sherry endured surgeries and all kinds of treatment, but surgeons could only remove 60% of her tumor. Sherry decided if she was going to live with this tumor, he might as well have a name and thus her tumor was dubbed Willy. Sherry is a successful entrepreneur. She loves her children fiercely and her grandchildren ferociously. She is actively involved in our community and volunteers for many groups including Vision St. Charles Leadership and Athena Leadership. She made the choice to keep living no matter what every MRI tells her. We are all drawn to her hysterical dry sense of humor. No one can get enough of her intense hugs. But Willy does get in the way of Sherry’s quality of life. Despite her daily decision to live and live well Willy is interfering with her cognitive abilities. She is so frustrated when she hears herself repeat what she just said or when she has a delayed response to someone. Willy is causing her to lose functionality on her right side. But for Sherry, laughter is still the best medicine. She has nicknamed herself “Sherry Draginfoot” and says she makes a mean three-legged race partner. I wish I could say that Sherry in remission, but she is not. Sherry will most likely always have Brain Cancer unless we find a cure. Sherry is a huge advocate for brain cancer research. Despite the limitations on her life, Sherry is a warrior. She fights through the frustration and confusion and leads us all as a positive ambassador for Head for the Cure. She leads every day with love, purpose, and generosity. She has truly taught an entire community how to live in abundance despite our circumstances.