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Keeping the Faith




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On May 30, 2010- Solomon and I were to find out the gender of our first child, that same day Solomon also had his first seizure. Followed by that was a trip to the ER and an MRI revealing that he had a mass growing on the left side of his brain. That was when we found out that he had brain cancer. In that same year, we got married and Solomon had surgery to remove 80% of the tumor. Following his surgery, he received radiation treatment five days a week for almost three months. Solomon even returned to work to continue to provide for our little family.

In October 2012, we found out that Solomon’s tumor had returned, this time on the other side of his brain. We decided to try and have another child before chemotherapy and soon I was pregnant with our second child. In March of 2014, his disease came back with vengeance.

Solomon never stopped working to show his two little ones that nothing can stop him when he’s driven to keep fighting and make it. It has been a rough few months, but it would mean the world to him to show his two little ones that you never stop fighting!

* June 29, 2014 we began honoring the memory of Solomon.