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Keeping the Faith



Sweetin, Jr.

Submitted by:
Lisa Wood and Steve J. Sweetin

♥We’re so proud of our Dad, Steve Sweetin, the best father to us and the best Grandpa/mentor to our children/grandchildren. In May, with his beautiful bride, Jerri, they enjoyed a celebration of their 60th wedding anniversary. At 81, in Nov 2015 he was diagnosed with GBM. This news rocks a family to the core; in our family, he is our core, our rock, and our leader of everything good in our family. Post-diagnosis, he bravely underwent surgery and his treatments. In June 2017, an inoperable tumor was found. He has heroically began his treatments. Pre-diagnosis, he exercised daily; played tennis/golf weekly. Post-surgery, he began the road through physical therapy and exercise to regain strength and the ability to switch from tennis to pickleball. His focus became acceptance of who he now is/being the best he could now be while appreciating all that is good in his life. While not easy, he persevered with his dry-witted humor, strong faith and strong will, to live an honest/positive life. With God, he was enabled to surpass the life expectancy through these past 19 months. Our Dad is a genuine faith-filled, inspirational man. He doesn’t preach; he lives his faith by example and touches all with his faith. He begins each day with prayer and a family group text to inspire us to make each day positive. It brings focus and brightness to our days through his inspiration. We look forward to these daily texts to see what inspiring words or humor he’ll touch us with each day. He is family; he is love. Keeping the Faith Award is an awesome idea, we know our Dad wouldn’t feel worthy. If he were honored, he would be humbly grateful and would want to recognize each cancer patient with him for their “keeping the faith” with daily struggles/battles against these diseases. While our Dad is going through this, he feels incredibly blessed to have such wonderful family, friends and doctors surrounding him with kind words, their love and prayers. These prayers give him strength each day.♥