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Keeping the Faith




Susan Smith lost her father to brain cancer in 2000. She was devastated to learn that she would have to fight a similar battle when she was diagnosed in late October 2007. Surgery was performed on November 7, 2007 and approximately 50% of the astrocytoma stage 2 tumor was removed. Radiation treatments followed and Susan found herself battling a staph infection from the surgery. A little more than a year after her intial brain surgery she had to have her bone flap removed to stop the recurring infection she had been fighting. While she was fighting this battle she has raised her daughter Marquel and saw her graduate high school and move on to attend college at Pittsburg State University. Susan has reached out to many people fighting against brain cancer on social media groups and events such as Head For the Cure. Susan always encourages others to stay strong even when she is afraid of what lies ahead for herself. This October will mark 8 years for Susan’s fight and she is still going strong. She is an inspiration to all of us.